"I have been sending my valued patients to Mimi for approximately 15 years. Mimi consistently gives each and every person her true presence, her loving and compassionate heart and a very safe space. She combines wonderful diagnostic and therapeutic skills with a well thought out home care plan and strong support. Acupuncture is a powerful modality and Mimi delivers it as part of a full healing program that attends to the whole person. Her wide open heart and wise brain working in concert with her very loving nature allow her clients to feel better and learn new ways to care for themselves. She offers healing on multiple levels and works with people wherever they are in their journey. Mimi is my gift to my patients."

–Mark Kalina, MD

"I have been a client of Mimi’s for many years. I find her treatments to be consistently dependable, thorough, professionally accurate and always done with a loving touch. One of her outstanding qualities is that she has studied many other modalities and combines what is most appropriate for you in your time with her. She is an outstanding healer in all ways. ."

–Rev Dr. Barbra Dillenger, Mscd
Transpersonal development

"When I'm not feeling well, I just put myself in Mimi Miller's hands and she knows exactly what to do to help me return to balance. Acupuncture is just one of the many procedures she utilizes to remedy a health challenge. Her holistic approach to healing is compassionate, deeply insightful, and very effective! –Terah Kathryn Collins
I have been a patient of Mimi Miller’s for 15 years. I have seen her for a variety of issues, emotional as well as physical. Her huge heart, presence, and ability for detail formulate an uncanny diagnostic ability. She is an exceptional acupuncturist, drawing on a wide spectrum of other healing modalities. Her mastery has resulted in the integration, and strengthening of my whole being. When I have a session with Mimi, I feel like my “ lights are turned on.”

–Jackee Earnest

"I have been a patient of Mimi Miller for the past 6 months and I am writing this testimonial to show how Mim and acupuncture has changed my life.

Last September I began having terrible headaches. These headaches increased in frequency and severity over the next few months. The headaches were even waking me up at night and I was experiencing many sleepless nights. After a long day of teaching one day I went to my local Urgent Care to find out what was causing my headaches. The physician there diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and gave me a prescription for an anti-seizure drug. I was in shock after the hasty diagnosis and got very worried when the doctor gave me a list of neurologists in the area I should go see for additional tests. This news was especially concerning because my mom had recently passed away from brain cancer. I left the office still in shock and headed for CVS with the intent to fill the prescription. On the way to CVS I was trying to process everything that had just happened and I decided that I would go home instead and figure out what to do next.

I knew I didn't want to take any medications and was very proud of the fact that I didn't up until this point need any medications. I decided to gather more information on trigeminal neuralgia. Thankfully I have a wonderful neighbor who is a doctor and recommended that I go and see Mimi and try acupuncture before having tests done at a neurologist's office. I had never been to an acupuncturist before and didn't know anything about the treatments or procedure. I also live in Orange County and only come down to San Diego on the weekends. I doubted that Mimi would be able to fit me in her schedule given all my limitations. When I called Mimi's office, I left a message and explained that my neighbor had recommended I come see her given my symptoms. Right away Mimi called back and set up an appointment for that Friday at 5:00. I was so grateful that she was willing to extend her office hours to help me.

When I went to Mimi's office for the first time, I felt like I was walking into a very comforting atmosphere and immediately I felt a sense of calmness. Mimi talked to me about what had been happening in my life lately and listened to my life history for a few hours. It was like having a therapy session I supposed if I had ever been to a therapist before. I was very impressed with Mimi's kind, gentle and wise nature. I began to understand that mind, body and spirit were all components in the healthy life equation. I began to realize that I needed to work on all these facets in my life.

I received acupuncture treatments every two weeks. After each treatment the frequency of my headaches declined. I noticed that I didn't have to take Advil every few hours to make it through the day and I began to stop worrying about whether my headaches would wake me up at night. I kept up my every two week appointments and after a few months my headaches were completely gone! I was so relieved and overjoyed! My body was healthy and I felt like me normal self again!

I am so thankful that Mimi Miller was able to help me and I am so very grateful to her. She suggested a gratitude journal at my first appointment and I decided I would try it and see if it too would be beneficial. I noticed right away the benefits from my gratitude journal and incorporated keeping a gratitude journal with teaching my 6th graders. Everyday we began our day with writing an entry or letter of thanks for something we felt grateful for in our daily lives. The classroom was very calm during that time and we all felt better starting our days in a positive way. This again demonstrated to me the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Thank you Mimi for helping me become happy and healthy again. Thank you for your kindness, gentleness, and wisdom to make my mind, body, and spirit alive and well again!"

–Marianne Hindman

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